Blade Fastboil 3

  • by Ramin Golzari
Blade Fastboil 3

The only stove you’ll ever need in the wilds, the Fastboil is true to its name and can boil water in a matter of minutes. The stove is designed to be compact and fit snugly inside the pot along with stand and 100g gas cartridge, making this ideal for lightweight campers and backpackers for whom space is a premium. It is easy to use in any conditions, avoiding the normal problems of lighting stoves in strong winds, as the Piezo ignition and heat transmitters ignite and protect the flame, reducing heat loss, making this a highly efficient stove to use. Featuring a pot stand to allow the use of much bigger pots if cooking for the family, a stabiliser that clips onto the gas cartridge, and two insulating sleeves in different colours, this stove will allow you to scratch your caffeine itch wherever you are.




The Fastboil is an extremely compact cooking system, in which the fuel, burner and pot are all integrated into one unit for cooking. Everything can also be stored inside the pot with the lid on if you use a 100g gas cartridge, creating a neat package that can fit easily in your backpack. In use, the burner and gas canister lock onto the bottom of the insulated pot, which gives it high efficiency of fuel, as less energy is lost to the surroundings than on traditional stove designs.



It is a streamlined design, and weighs only 600g, making it perfect for ultra-light hikers and anyone travelling with limited space. The pot is made of hard anodised aluminium, making it almost as durable as your 10 year old enamel cup that has been dropped on the ground more times than you can count.

This product is called the Fastboil for one simple reason – it boils water fast. No matter the weather conditions or the outside temperature, you can always have one litre of water full boiling in under five minutes. As long as you remember to turn on the burner that is.




We designed the Fastboil to be easy to operate – there’s no point in your water boiling in four minutes if it takes you ten to set it all up! The whole thing can be assembled and started wearing gloves, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fingers for hot water in the snow. The burner twist-locks neatly into the base of the pot and the gas canister just screws into the burner, that’s all you need to do to get it ready to go. The piezo ignition is easy to use, with a click start on the side of the burner within reach of thickly gloved fingers, and the regulator valve’s tab is glove friendly and twists gently to adjust the flame strength for your preferred heat.

Once your water has boiled, you can remove the pot from the burner, holding the pot by silicone coated butterfly handles that remain cool to the touch or by the insulated sleeve wrapped around the body of the pot. The insulated sleeve is designed to heat up just enough to pleasantly warm your hands, without the risk of burning yourself. The pot has a non-stick coating on the inside, making it easy to clean out when you’re finished, even if you’ve had soup or noodles cooking in there. We can’t imagine much worse than lingering tomato flavours from the night’s meal in your morning coffee!



Our Blade Fastboil 3 is a really simple and versatile piece of gear for anyone who dreams of enjoying hot food and drinks on an adventure in the great outdoors. Its compact design and low weight makes it ideal for lightweight hikers and solo travellers, and it is so easy to operate that it is suitable to take on even really cold expeditions. In fact, anyone who travels in wild places away from the comforts of hotels and cafes will really benefit from having this in their pack, ready to whip out whenever they get a hankering for tea or coffee. This could be the only stove you ever need to take with you, one that allows you to cook most meals quickly and efficiently without having to carry large pans that take up valuable space or spend time struggling with damp wood and firestarters in the rain. 


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