Save up to 50% on Highlander Tents

Camp comfortably with a roof over your head for a perfect overnight adventure. A 2 man tent is perfect for camping with your best pal. Or for family camping and festivals, we've got spacious 4 and 6 man tents and folding chairs to create a home away from home. Complete the kit with a sleeping bag and padded mat and you'll be sleeping like a baby in nae time!

Cypress 4 Man Tunnel Tent

Was £249.99 Now £224.99

Sycamore 4 Tent

Was £239.99 Now £159.99

Oak 4 Man Tunnel Tent

Was £329.99 Now £199.99

Elm 4 Tent

Was £224.99 Now £149.99

Birch 2 Man Dome Tent

Was £109.99 Now £94.99

Birch 3 Man Dome Tent

Was £119.99 Now £99.99

Aeolus 4 Tent

Was £499.99 Now £349.99

Sycamore 5 Tent

Was £299.99 Now £199.99

Cypress 6 Man Tunnel Tent

Was £299.99 Now £269.99

Oak 6 Man Tunnel Tent

Was £395.99 Now £249.99

two & three+ man tents

Get together a group of friends or family and set off to the outdoors with one of our Highlander Outdoor 2 to 6 man tents.

Our family tents are ideal for hosting. Separate sleeping compartments, porch areas, and plenty of headroom will make your camping experience comfortable and fun. On a practical note: you'll be protected from the wind and rain with a durable waterproof fabric and sturdy pitch types. Find the right tent for your group and create your home away from home.

Juniper 2 Man Dome Tent

Was £119.99 Now £99.99

Juniper 3 Man Dome Tent

Was £144.99 Now £129.99