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  • Map Compass
  • Snow + Ice Shoe Gripper 3-6
  • Walking Gaiters, Black
  • Scout Sighting Compass
  • Orienteering Compass
  • Button Compass
  • Watch Strap Compass
  • Glenshee Gaiters, Mens
  • Glenshee Gaiters, Womens
  • Glenshee Gaiters, Kids
  • Glencoe Gaiters
    Glencoe Gaiters
  • Cuillin Gaiters
    Cuillin Gaiters
  • Grampian Ankle Gaiters
  • Trek Lite Walking Pole
  • Multifunction Pedometer, Black
  • Multifunction Pedometer, Blue
  • Multifunction Pedometer, Red
  • Mull Walking Pole (Pair)
  • Folding Walking Stick
  • Spares, Walking Pole Feet
  • HMTC Gaiters
  • Military Heavy Duty Folding Compass
  • Tally Counter
  • Tent & Gear Solar Proof, 500ml
  • Waterproofing Wax for Leather
  • Tech Wash 150ml, Softshell 100ml
  • Tech Wash, 300ml
  • Tech Wash, Single Use Pouches
  • Tech Wash, 1L
  • Wash In Tx Direct, 300ml
  • Tx Direct, Single Use Pouches
  • Wash In Tx Direct, 1L
  • Cotton Proofing, 300ml
  • Spray On Tx Direct, 300ml
  • Wwfl Liquid Neutral, 125ml
  • Fabric/Leather Proofing, 125ml
  • Conditioner For Leather, 125ml
  • Active-Wash Travel Soap
  • Isle of Tiree Walking Pole
  • Deluxe Map Compass
  • X-plorer Map Case, Black
  • Roamer Map Case
  • Scout Map Case
  • Deluxe Pocket Compass
  • Lensatic Compass
  • Isle of Skye Carbon Lite Ultra Walking Pole
  • X-plorer Map Case, HMTC
  • Isle of Arran Walking Pole
  • Raasay Walking Pole
  • Snow + Ice Grippers 7-12
  • Walking Gaiters, Olive
  • Classic Gaiters, Black
  • Trek Ultra 30% Pump Spray, 100ml
  • Tourer Single Net
  • Trek Ultra 30% Pump Spray, 60ml
  • Trek 50% Pump Spray, 120ml
  • Trek 50% Pump Spray, 60ml
  • Tourer Double Net
  • Mosquito and Midge Micro Head Net
  • Repel Midge Spray, 120ml
  • Trekker Mosquito Net
  • Citronella Long Life
  • Breather Boot Bag, Teal
  • Breather Boot Bag, Pink
  • Hiking Laces Packaged
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  • Pathfinder Military Map Compass
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  • Waterproofing Wax, 100ml
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  • Walking Gaiters, Red
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  • Repel Midge Spray, 60ml
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  • Mosquito Coils (20 Boxes)
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    Do you really need anything to get out and start walking? Aye, feet are fairly helpful! But other than that, all the rest of the equipment is just nice to have!

    That being said, we have a great selection of nice-to-haves here, to support your feet as they take you further and further. Hiking poles are a huge help for navigating tricky hill sections, as well as feeling oot loose ground. And when the weather's been dreich, gaiters will keep you comfortable wherever you walk. Discover how you could improve your hikes here.